Experience photography with a professional.

Take a journey with Jason and experience the world in a whole new way.

Every year people ask to come on assignment with me and I'm genuinely honoured by these requests, but it's more complex than people imagine, harder than many think it could ever be, and is sadly a very rare opportunity. The reality of working in the field is very different to most peoples perception.

From sitting on a piece of wood in a tree 20 hours a day to 20 hour working days, lack of food, showers or clean clothes, plus diseases, and illness, people who assist me are disheveled wrecks once our time together is over.
Jason Edwards

When I do use an assistant they are based in-country, speak the local language, have unsurpassed regional knowledge, and are experienced in the subject matter I am documenting.

I am however, passionate about my art, so here are some ways I try to sharing my knowledge and insight.