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Why Destroying Your Workflow is a Good Thing – Part Two

Last week in part one of this two part tale of workflow woes I talked about the importance of re-assessing your workflow from time to time to see if it could be improved. This week I continue the tale of how we got it wrong and the lessons we hope to share from our mistakes.


I mentioned last week that Katie (my executive assistant) knows my editorial preferences well. Our working relationship over the years has evolved such that I trust her judgment most of the time and she criticises me for mine frequently. It is what has kept us working well as a team for a long time now. So we instigated a change in our standard workflow and she edited a major assignment to speed up the process in my absence. Read more »

Why Destroying Your Workflow is a Good Thing – Part One

There are plenty of industry catchphrases thrown around especially in photography stores, at trade shows and in workshops. Most are jargon but the importance of ‘workflow’ cannot be understated, primarily because it’s a major element in photography that has the potential to cost or save you money, or even destroy your sanity.


However, this is not a blog post that espouses the perfect workflow because I don’t believe there’s one ideal method for transferring those special moments, keeping them safe and sharing them with loved-ones and clients. Most people will do it a little differently but what’s important is how you shake it up from time to time, to see if you can do things better, even if it sends the train careening off the rails! Read more »

Pro Bono Does Not Mean For Free

Jason discusses the exploitation of pro bono in photography and the implications of giving images away for free.


Please let me premise this post with, “I have my Photography Patriarch hat on.” Which is a nice way of saying I’m going to have a vent in the hope that it helps someone out there feel less alone when he or she get exploited. Or maybe it just makes me feel better!

There is no doubt about it; these are tough times for many photographers. It seems would-be image-makers are swarming the planet with crazed determination to give everything away for free. It’s a race to the bottom out there folks, the only industry in the history of civilization where people are actively and consciously, competing to jump off the cliff first. And like vultures following the Great Migration, there’s an army of scavengers happy to strip the last flesh from photographers bones, these poor desperate ‘clients’ who have naught to offer but an image credit in return for handing over your time, skill, creativity and Rights. Read more »

Voice for Antarctica – The Journey

Many of you have been keen to see what Jason and the winners of Air New Zealand’s Voice for Antarctica in partnership with Antarctica New Zealand got up to down on the Ross Ice Shelf. Check out some of Jason’s amazing shots captured whilst on location at Scott Base and the incredible stories from Mike & Marli.

Antarctica, photography, sleep and delete.

Sleep deprivation and a lapse in concentration can have serious consequences in the world of photography. My recent trip to Antarctica working with Air New Zealand and Antarctica New Zealand was the first time for me that this became a serious issue after I accidentally formatted a card I had not backed up…


Day 11, maximum number of hours asleep on any given day – 3. Minimum number of hour’s asleep -0, on several occasions; time in bed tonight 1.5 hours. Not an ideal time to back-up the twenty-hours of shooting but with whisky in hand and snow falling heavily outside the research shack window anything seems possible or is that probable? Read more »